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Qi Gong Teacher Training

Hug The Moon Qi Gong Teacher Training

With Xie Ling 

January 19-20 & 26-27, 2019 from 1:30-5:30 PM

Walter Art Gallery, Scottsdale AZ 85251 

Hug the Moon Qi Gong Teacher Training unifies Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory (TCM) with Moving and Non-Moving Qi Gong Forms and Qi Gong Meditations.

This training expands your ability to teach and practice Qi Gong, increasing your student’s capacity to learn Qi Gong.  Plus, we enhance our meaningful training with fun activities.

This program is for all Qi Gong teachers and those who wish to become teachers, and for those interested in concentrated Qi Gong practice. 



·      Six Key Sound breathing techniques

The Six Key Sound is a unique type of breathing technique. Each Key Sound is associated with a specific meridian - channel or body system and related organ. Practicing Six Key Sound breathing can help open the meridians, balance and strengthen the related organ functions.

·      Dao Yin Gong – Replenish The Origin

Dao Yin Gong is a comprehensive Qi Gong system that consists of many routine movements. Some are designed to "soften" the body and develop flexibility, some relate directly to specific organs.

Replenish The Origin is a set of movements designed to maintain and improve the kidney and urinary system function.

·      Qi Gong Meditation

Non-moving Qi Gong can be understood as Qi Gong Meditation. The stillness practice relaxes the body, trains the brain and develops concentration. Practitioners learn how to use the mind to guide the Qi flow in the meridian system or specific point and area of the body. This practice develops a deep sense of calmness, mental clarity, physical well-being and elevated spirit.

Session 1: Six Key Sound breathing exercises, Replenish The Origin (1st 4 movements), Qi Gong meditation

Session 2: Six Key Sound breathing exercises, Replenish The Origin (2nd 4 movements), Qi Gong meditation

Session 3: Refining Six Key Sound breathing exercises and Replenish The Origin, Qi Gong meditation

Session 4: Refining and students demonstrating the routine sequences learned in this training


Location: Walter Art Gallery, Scottsdale AZ 85251

Fee: $160 before January 10th, $180 from January 11th 2019

Register and Contact:, 708-218-2991