What is Qi Gong

Qi is the life force energy contained in all elements in the world. Qi exists and permeates everywhere in nature and in the human body.

Qi is the vitality that produces and sustains life. Qi is an essential substance of life that circulates throughout the body, flowing in every tissue and organ, and actively stimulates physiological activities.

Qi flows through a network of meridians and vessels that connect the internal organs and all other tissues of the body. Thus, the movement and the storage of Qi comprise the basis for life and health.

Gong can be understood as work or practice. Together Qi Gong means Qi (Energy) Practice or Qi (Energy) Exercise.

Objective of Qi Gong Practice

To stimulate the healthy and balanced flow of Qi in the body, to enhance the capture and the cultivation of healthy Qi, to create a harmonious and vibrant internal environment, and to strengthen and optimize body and mind functions.