Group Classes

The human body function is closely connected to the Yin and Yang changes of the seasons. The ebb and flow of Qi in nature changes from season to season, and the Qi flow in the meridians of the body corresponds to these changes. We teach and practice Qi Gong movements that are in alignment with each season to enhance good health and improve ailments.

Group classes are for you if you are interested in the holistic approach of Qi Gong as a self-care program to maintain and enhance your health and prevent illness.

Our group classes are hosted in a friendly and positive environment that everyone enjoys. We support and motivate one another through positive affirmations with each class.


Guided Qi Gong Meditation

A non-moving Qi Gong practice that trains the mind, develops concentration, brings mental clarity and increases mental capacity.

As this practice quiets the heart and relaxes the body, you are able to observe your breath and guide your Qi flow. 

Practiced regularly, Qi Gong Meditation will help you balance and strengthen your Qi, allowing you to experience the deep relaxation and inner stillness that leads to peace and tranquility.

Schedule to come.


Private Qi Gong Session

Private sessions are tailored for your health needs. You will learn appropriate movements for prevention and improvement of your health concerns.

$90 per session

By appointment only.  Please call  Xie Ling at 708-218-2991 or email her at


Skype Learning Session

Skype learning sessions are for you if you are unable to attend our live classes, but would like to continue your practice with us.

$50 per session

By appointment only.  Please contact  Xie Ling at (708) 218-2991 or email


Class Schedule

The Spring Qi Gong Session begins Monday March 5, 2018. This session runs through the last week of April. Please see the class schedule below:

Monday & Wednesday
9:30-10:30 AM

7:00-8:00 PM

$18 per drop-in
$15 per class when sign up for 8 or more classes during this session.

Registration and Question:

Email Xie Ling at or call


Additional Class Schedule


April 22 and 29 from 9:30-11:30 AM.

These class series include two classes and each class consists three parts.

Part 1: Tai Ji Foundation, build strength for Tai Ji/Tai Chi movements, Qi Gong Routine - Releasing the Heart (Qi Gong for Heart Health).

Part 2: Practicing acupressure points stimulation on the Conception      Channel, and for the health of eyes, nose, ears an teeth. 

Part 3 - Guided Qi Gong Meditation.

Location: Walter Art Gallery, 6425 E Thomas Rd, Scottsdale AZ 85251

Cost: $40 for 2-class series. $25 per Sunday class. Check or cash payment due the day of the class. 

Register: Prior to the date of the class, email Xie Ling at




Class Location

Hug the Moon Qi Gong is hosted at the Walter Art Gallery


6425 E Thomas Rd,
Scottsdale, AZ 85251