Various Styles Have Various Benefits

All Qi Gong comes from the same roots. Different systems may have different focuses. Practitioners can choose the system that is suitable to their needs. Everyone can benefit from the practice of Qi Gong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

General Benefits of Qi Gong

Physical Benefits

Qi Gong practice strengthens the body, develops flexibility, and improves balance and stamina. Practiced regularly, Qi Gong has positive effects on all bodily functions. It’s fluent and harmonious movements aim to improve energy and blood circulation within the whole body, to balance and relax the nervous system, to enhance and regulate internal organ function, to improve joint range of motion, and to tone up and oxygenate the muscles and other tissue of the body.

Emotional Benefits

Qi Gong practice brings a calm, relaxed, optimistic, joyful and energized state of mind. Through the movements and the contemplation, the positive thoughts naturally appear and gradually replace the negative emotions such as fear, anger, grief and anxiety, and it can bring one into a large field of joy, gratitude, acceptance and compassion.

Mental & Spiritual Benefits

Regular Qi Gong practice can help to restore mental stillness and clarity, to rejuvenate the brain and nourish intuition and creativity, and increase mental capacity.

Qi Gong practice helps us to become aware of more subtle realms of being, and begin to experience and understand the meaning of being one with nature, one with the universe.